The educational approach of The Inquiry Academy is to provide a pathway to excellence for each individual student.

Our performance and design-based learning Inquiry Workshops and Labs drive open-ended opportunities to explore the applied skills of the Habits of Mind, engage in critical analysis, and provide complex problem solving platforms for students to structure deep reasoning skills within an innovative learning environment. Course structure will utilize the CSQ (Claim, Support, Question) Inquiry method; engaging students in making predictions, analyzing data, looking for patterns, making generalizations, weighing evidence and raising questions to gain deep understanding of concepts. Knowing is not enough, understanding is the goal.  The student-centered inquiry approach focuses on using and learning content as a means to develop information-processing, problem-solving skills, and connect to understanding. Students engage in the construction of "how we come to know" through active involvement to construct in-depth knowledge. It provokes students to think and question and make meaning through collaborative discourse. 

We empower children to take risks, persevere through struggles and see themselves as curious inquirers, reflective and responsible communicators, inventors, story tellers, scientists, mathematicians, artists, debaters and empathetic truth seekers.

Every Inquiry Workshop and Lab we offer is meticulously designed to incorporate the following:

  • Meet and exceed current California State Standards based on your child's individual grade level

  • Small student to teacher ratio. Majority of Workshops and Labs will strictly be limited to 10 students max. Specialized Workshops and Labs will have even lower enrollment opportunities. (i.e. -Homeschoolers workshops)

  • Creating authentic relationships with students to deepen the culture of learning

  • Build trust through student inquiry-driven learning platforms

  • Provide constant opportunities for risk-taking/problem solving solutions and questioning. Allowing your child to develop growth and independence vs. a dependent fixed mindset

  • Focus on learning vs. doing work, understanding vs. knowledge, deep learning and cognitive connections vs. surface learning strategies

  • Identifying, evaluating and developing a cognitive toolbox to creatively problem solve

  • Opportunities to develop initiative, mindfulness and academic language

  • Utilize current and emerging educational research from around the world

  • The belief that gifted educational approach and content should be accessible to all children

Lastly, we have put an enormous effort towards creating a space that is comfortable and as far-removed from any ordinary classroom environment.  The last thing we want is for your child to enter another classroom after just having spent their entire day in one.  Our space is designed to best support  student-led learning, creativity, and curiosity. Our hope is that the design of our space will promote a comforting, safe, and relaxing environment for your child to flourish.

      *  All Workshops have a suggested grade range.  If you feel your child may benefit from either being placed in an older or younger grade range based on their individual needs, feel free to contact us to discuss what placement would suit your chid best and we will attempt to accommodate you.

All deposits and balances for classes, workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, we understand that emergencies happen, so if you are unable to attend a workshop that you have paid-in-full, and you cancel with more than 5 days notice before a scheduled workshop, you may request to credit or transfer 75% of the total workshop fee to another class or workshop within 12 months of request. If you cancel within  5 days of a scheduled workshop, you will forfeit your entire tuition.

  • We will charge 10 per half hour of needed supervision post class time.