Why is our symbol the dandelion?

  The dandelion emulates the foundational core of The Inquiry Academy. It represents what we hope to inspire, encourage and ignite in the children's curiosity and passion of those we have the privilege to connect with through our workshops and labs.

While in university as a graduate student, Caitlin was asked by her professor, "If your future children and/or students could be any flower at all, what would it be and why?" Her classmates readied purposeful explanations to match their beautiful flower choices. Caitlin chose a tulip, justifying they had a sturdy stem and with unexpected beauty inside the plain un-bloomed pod. Her neighboring classmate, an avid gardener, quickly turned to her and explained what a poor choice a tulip was due to its delicate nature. After everyone presented their choices, the wise professor stated, "what we truly hope our children to be are weeds because they are strong, survive in difficult circumstances, and near impossible to kill." Caitlin sat dumfounded.  It was so simple and true. From that moment on, she never looked at a dandelion in the same way and never again considered this beautiful yellow wildflower a weed. She carried this learning experience with her and shared it with every class as well as with her own children. Her greatest hope is that children become weeds, adding beauty and hope to their world while persevering.

A dandelion to some is a symbol of communication, clarity, resilience, intelligence, perseverance, ingenuity and hope. It can not only survive, but thrive even in the most challenging circumstances. They can grow out of brick walls, survive weed control and still bring others joy when their clocks are blown to the winds and wishes are made. At The Inquiry Academy, we provide a rich, nurturing and challenging environment for children to persevere and gather the skills necessary to develop a mindset for success in life. We illuminate the joy of learning.


At The Inquiry Academy, we cultivate dandelions.


"Once in a golden hour
I cast to earth a seed.
Up there came a flower,
The people said, a weed."

Lord Alfred Tennyson

We see the beauty.

We see the beauty.